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Andy Kessler - 22-Jul-2021
in my last blog I promised you to give some notice when we have the blue and green U.P. frame-sets back to stock. And yes its almost a historic moment! We have all sizes of blue, green and ready to paint U.P. frames in stock today and even some sizes of the grey U.P. aka the Hurry Up... Its funny, even our OPEN partners don't place orders for the grey U.P. but they order "one of the Hurry Up's please"! 

So check out our online store, combine it with one of our part kits or go to you nearby OPEN dealer to have it build custom for you only.


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Hi there
I bought an Open UP Wide from The Service Course Wilmslow last year. The bike is superb! .... I have the standard grey colour. Over the winter months i fixed a set of SKS Speedrocker fenders - great items, but unfortunately the plastic of the rear fender has gouged 2 spots in the seat stay - I'm looking to touch this up but wondered whether you had any advice on colour match for a suitable touch up paint? Kind regards, Marc
Post #1 of 3. Posted by Marc Roberts on 22-Jul-2021 04:09:27 GMT in reply to blog [0<--23249]
OPEN sells touch up paint to match your bike. I believe you can order from the website.
Post #2 of 3. Posted by Lance Lalonde on 22-Jul-2021 10:27:58 GMT in reply to post #1 [23249<--23253]
Thank you. It looks like they're out of stock at the moment but I'll keep an eye open for when they're re-stocked.
Post #3 of 3. Posted by Marc Roberts on 22-Jul-2021 10:55:35 GMT in reply to post #2 [23253<--23254]