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Gerard Vroomen - 13-Apr-2016
OK, finally it's all ready. The demo bikes are built (well, a few things to touch up), the site is finished (well, a few things to touch up) and the ONE+ is ready for launch.

So instead of writing a long blog, let me just say I am very excited to be able to launch the ONE+ today. It's been a very long and (for Andy and myself) very costly journey, fraught with disappointments, unreliable suppliers, failed experiments, a bankruptcy (not ours! :-) thrown in for good measure. But in the end, in a strange way, all of those things have made the final bike better. 

While relief to finally be able to present a working and worthy successor to the O-1.0 is definitely part of the excitement, the other part is that I am excited about the category that the ONE+ carves out. It's a bit similar to the U.P., in that it offers a Swiss army knife of riding experiences (you just know Andy is going to love that reference).

It's I think the best cross country racer you can find, a no-compromise go-fast machine. Light, agile, great geometry, anything you could wish for. But throw on those 3.0" Plus tires and it's a go anywhere fun factory. It really is amazing what the change from 2.25" to 3.0" tires brings, it's so much more than you would deduct from those two numbers.

Geek hat on for one paragraph: Of course tire performance is really a performance of volume, not tire width, so if you take those widths squared (5 and 9), you probably get closer to a numeric representation of how big the difference is. Anyway, back to the normal world.

While these two riding options of pure XC and Plus tires areinteresting, to me the most interesting aspect is actually a third option.How I will set up my ONE+ is as a super-light XC racer with extra comfort and traction. So I would use all the lightest but durable parts and then put on 27.5+ tires.

This gives you some suspension, but with hardly any weight penalty. Of course it also doesn't give you the suspension performance of the full-suspension bike, but on the positive side it does give you extra grip, more than a fully does. So it's a trade-off, but an interesting one compared to a full suspension bike.

Especially on courses that are long and gruelling and potentially technically demanding but not in a way that absolutely requires a fully. If the technical aspect is more about grip on difficult climbs than on extreme descents, then that set-up would be amazing. I hope to put that to the test at the Cape Epic in the not-to-distant future.

Anyway, enough talk, head on over to the ONE+ page and take a look.

Comments & Questions

Do you know when this will be available?
Post #1 of 7. Posted by David on 15-Apr-2016 00:03:45 GMT in reply to blog [0<--605]
Hi David, the size L will start shipping in May, M in June and S in July.
Post #2 of 7. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 15-Apr-2016 01:22:24 GMT in reply to post #1 [605<--606]
When does the XL get released?
Post #3 of 7. Posted by Steve on 16-Apr-2016 05:20:49 GMT in reply to post #2 [606<--607]
Hi Steve, there is no XL. However, that's not as bad as it sounds, the new L is slightly larger. Of course with the 3 sizes we don't cover quite the range we did before, we don't, but this will affect very few people (and I know this because we sold very few XL's in the O-1.0 and I know that about half of those people will now fit onto the L. That sounds dramatic, but it doesn't take many mm to move over half the people because it's a bell curve.
Post #4 of 7. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 16-Apr-2016 16:04:06 GMT in reply to post #3 [607<--608]
I would like to purchase the old orange bike..Any thing for sale or parts I could buy to build the bike...appreciate it
Post #5 of 7. Posted by Terry Barnes on 09-Aug-2017 15:30:06 GMT in reply to blog [0<--6970]
Hi Gerard,
I'm purchasing your Open + M Frame and wanted to see what fork you would recommend. First,what size would you recommend for travel 100mm vs. 120mm. Second, is the Lefty vs Fox/Rock Shot? Lastly, I want to built a set of really light wheels for the Leadville 100. Curious to know what you recommend.
Thank You
Post #6 of 7. Posted by John Brittingham on 25-Oct-2017 02:07:21 GMT in reply to blog [0<--7152]
Fantastic / incredible bikes !! un-fortunately Iam riding for 3T ! but these Opens would be My second choice ! Cheers !! Fletcher
Post #7 of 7. Posted by Fetcher Burrus on 17-Sep-2022 18:05:41 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24673]