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The Lactose-Overdose series aka Crossfondue

Andy Kessler - 08-Feb-2019
We decided to change the format of our winter event called the Crossfondue and rather to have it starting at our office organise a series with local dealers.  Marc, our photographer that was with us the week before the event had a name for it: the Lactose-Overdose series.

This year we have two events of which one was held last weekend together with our OPEN partner Follow Me just over the boarder in Lörrach.

I trained hard for it. Already the evening before I had a Raclette and my stomach was already prepared for what was to come on the next day. 

Lately all our events that we held here in Basel had bad weather. For our summer event we had 4 month of no rain before -  and about 3 month after - but on that day it was rainy, cold and so foggy that you could really not see anything.

Guess what, the weather forecast was bad again and when I got up Sunday morning 6'30 and I looked at the weather radar I thought we might be just lucky with a bad weather cell passing by north of us.

The ride to the store is about an hour. When I got out the door there was not only rain but it was a rain-snowstorm and I turned around and looked for all my rain gear. The ride to Follow Me was horrible and beside the good rain equipment I was already soaked after 30 minutes. I had to pass Basel and its always kind of strange to see the last people coming back from parties. For a moment I felt that I was not doing the right thing!

A good coffee at Follow Me helped me to get my motivation back and when I saw all the colourful OPEN's on the start line life was good again. We were a great group of 17 people and had a beautiful ride and good chats on and about bikes. While climbing higher and higher we hit some now and we experienced the real Crossfondue feeling.

After about a 4.5 hour ride we finally got the reward: The Swiss Kaltbach Cheese Fondue helped us dramatically to warm up again.

To view our gallery of images from last weekend, click here.

Want to join us for the next ride?  February 17th there is the Grand-Fondue ride with Tac Tac our dealer in Bern. See you there.

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