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Rapha x OPEN Limited Edition

Gerard Vroomen - 17-Sep-2022
Let's start with the gallery:
For the third time in OPEN's history, we are launching a Limited Edition frame with Rapha. But this time, it's much more than that:

  • OPEN U.P. bikes will be available for rent in all 21 Rapha club houses around the world. This service is available for all Rapha Cycling Club members. So now you can travel without your bike, pick up a great rental bike and enjoy these 21 cities and their surroundings on an OPEN U.P. The first Club Houses have already received their new rental bikes, all should have them by the end of October. You can reserve them via the Rapha website.
  • We're supporting several Rapha initiatives like the Women's 100 (you can still sign up here if you're quick!)
  • We are launching not one, not two but three limited edition OPENs:
  1. Rapha x OPEN U.P. complete bike with Campagnolo Ekar, ENVE carbon cockpit, Campagnolo Levante carbon wheels, etc
  2. Rapha x OPEN U.P. frameset so you can build it up any way you want
  3. Rapha x OPEN MIN.D. frameset, this one is even more limited than the other two, again a frameset so you can build it however you wish
I am dreading of writing this down again, but if I don't we get too many angry emails from people who missed the boat: Our limited editions almost always sell out extremely fast, and if the previous Rapha x OPEN projects are any indication, that will be true for this as well.

And a final random fun fact about this project: We're shipping these rental bikes to the Rapha Club Houses re-using Harley Davidson pallets. So they ship their motorbikes to Europe on these pallets, we then ship them back to the US with Rapha x OPEN rental bikes on it. We cannot promise you the same horsepower they can, but our bikes are a lot quieter. 

Comments & Questions

This Rapha partnership is awesome and using the Harley Davidson pallets is a fantastic environmental initiative.
And I love both my UP and UPPER bikes they have a blast riding in New England USA and in the Sutton area in Quebec Canada.
Post #1 of 6. Posted by Dominique Codère on 17-Sep-2022 16:53:45 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24672]
Hallo, nicht jeder deutsche kann Englisch.
Ich habe bei der Sprache deutsch angegeben, hat aber leider nicht funktioniert.
Gern hätte ich mehr Informationen über die schönen Open Bikes gehabt aber wie?
Ein kleiner Tipp auf deutsch wäre super!!
Viele Grüße
Post #2 of 6. Posted by Ralf Birkholz on 17-Sep-2022 19:59:29 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24674]
Kleiner Tipp von mir wäre
Post #3 of 6. Posted by Daniel on 18-Sep-2022 02:23:15 GMT in reply to post #2 [24674<--24676]
Hallo Ralf, für die ganze Website einfach hier schauen: https://opencyc...=wapp (Nur macht Google das eigentlich zu gut, also wird OPEN auch OFFEN). Für bestimmte Fragen am besten hier links auf CONTACT klicken, dann "I am a consumer" und "Tech support" wählen und einfach auf Deutsch fragen.

Mit freundlichem Gruss,

Post #4 of 6. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 19-Sep-2022 04:00:36 GMT in reply to post #2 [24674<--24677]
The Rapha Limited has a unique Pirelli Cinturato Velo tire? The 700x40 is generally available only in Pirelli’s Gravel versions.
Post #5 of 6. Posted by Josh Speer on 27-Dec-2022 14:41:43 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24767]
Having followed you as a business for sone time I’m interested in the RCC Open bike, do you still have any in stock? I’m predominately going to be using it as a fast road bike, then for Audax and finally gravel, I’d be grateful for some advice on sizing, spec and wheel choice (thinking of two sets).
I’m currently riding a 2017 Cervelo R3 52/36 with a 30 rear cassette.
I’ve just had a bike fit at my LBS and have the following sizes.
Stack 555, Reach 378, saddle height 76, saddle tip to shifter 70.5.
If you could also indicate any pricing that would also be great.

Many thanks
Post #6 of 6. Posted by Matt Hodgson on 10-Jun-2023 08:57:39 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24806]