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New ENVE carbon wheel builds available in Europe and North America

Gerard Vroomen - 13-Dec-2021
We didn't think it would still happen this year, but we got them in: the N3W-compatible ENVE AG25 wheels. So starting today, we can offer our UP. UPPER and WIDE complete bikes with Ekar and ENVE's new carbon gravel wheel.

This is one of Andy's favorite set-ups as it is light, strong and has a perfect inner width of 25mm so the most popular gravel tires seat very nicely on it.  (In case you wonder, our tastes are similar but I prefer the alloy HED Emporia GA Pro, which we also stock - yes carbon has the zoot factor but these alloy wheels are also very light and zero-hassle).

The AG25 also offers special features such as the wide hook to avoid pinch flats, molded spoke holes and ENVE's own hub, see above in the detail photos.

Ordering is simple as ever, just go to the store, find your frame of choice and pick color, size, kit size and wheelset of choice. The AG25 is available in 700c, while the HED Emporia is in stock in 700c and 650b sizes. The carbon ENVEs are a 900$/€ upcharge over the alloy HEDs. We ship these bikes assembled and hassle-free with shipping, customs and duty paid by us. This also applies if they are shipped from Germany to North America. 

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Comments & Questions

Some excellent options. One quick note: I think you meant “upcharge” not “uncharge.” Or, perhaps, you will give me $900 if I buy a new Open? :)
Post #1 of 8. Posted by Rick Beckner on 13-Dec-2021 06:45:37 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24379]
Thanks for catching the typo! We do offer to uncharge the wheels but unfortunately we also have to unship them in that case.
Post #2 of 8. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 13-Dec-2021 07:26:34 GMT in reply to post #1 [24379<--24380]
Ha! Good one. I have an Open Mind on order to be built up by the good folks at Spokes in Arlington, VA.
Can’t wait!
Post #3 of 8. Posted by Rick Beckner on 13-Dec-2021 07:43:16 GMT in reply to post #2 [24380<--24381]
Will you ever make another hard tail. I have a WIDE and love it. I feel like I have missed something not having a OPEN 1.0 or 1.1. Hoping I will see a hardtail again on this web site.
Post #4 of 8. Posted by Dennis on 14-Dec-2021 22:19:42 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24382]
Hi Dennis, we don't have one in the planning, but Andy might be able to find you a ONE+ if you contact him (
Post #5 of 8. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 15-Dec-2021 01:08:54 GMT in reply to post #4 [24382<--24383]
Gentlemen: You have ruined me with my Open MIND and now my Parlee Chebacco has to go - after only 3-4 seasons. Buy shop owner and I are personal friends and we decided the UP has to be my only real option to remake my "winter/nasty" bike... My issue is - you showed me the Swiss bear version once and I fell in love... :-( IF we do this, I would love to know 1) If you have a medium on that frame somewhere in the world... 2) Are there any other special editions coming out in the near future? Thank you!
Post #6 of 8. Posted by Ken Holland on 20-Dec-2021 15:04:58 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24386]
What kind of wheels do you recommend if I would be using the UPPER as a roadbike for climbing ? I guess the ENVE AG series are too “wide” for 23 or 25 road tires, right ? So I le love to buy an UPPER with ENVE AG 25 for gravel racing but I would like a light pair of climbing wheels for road racing (when there s a lot of climbs to do). What type of climbing wheels are currently compatible with the UPPER frameset ?
Post #7 of 8. Posted by Jeffrey on 22-Dec-2021 09:23:26 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24387]
I don't know many people anymore who run 23-25mm tires on their road bike. Once you have the tire clearance, there is so much advantage to running a bigger tire even for pure road. Going with a 28-30mm tire is such a small weight penalty in return for more comfort, fewer flats and better grip (and lower rolling resistance). And a 28mm tire you can normally mount on a 25mm inner width rim, and a 30mm tire definitely (of course it depends on the exact tire too, and the variation is big). So for light yet sturdy and comfortable, the AG25 could be a great option. Especially since the 25mm inner will make that road tire even wider, and that is without any extra weight penalty.
Post #8 of 8. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 22-Dec-2021 16:14:54 GMT in reply to post #7 [24387<--24388]