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Andy Kessler - 21-Jan-2020
There will be no BOTM for this month. Instead we share two travel stories.

The first one is about a one day trip we did end of last year in cold Switzerland.

Back in September I have shared with you the story of JaBig who is cycling around the world to collect money for World Bicycle Relief.

On his trip from London via France he came to Switzerland. He entered Switzerland in Geneva and from there he rode to Bern together with his sister.

I met JaBig at our Bern dealer Tac Tac early in the morning. After a short warm up with croissant and coffee we started our ride. It was grey and foggy and temperatures where around 0 degrees.

On our ride we were joined by Keepy from Tac Tac and one of his friends. 

After about a 2.5 hour ride we reached Solothurn a small but beautiful baroque town. 

Thats where JaBig and myself continued on our own to cross the Jura Mountain via the Passwang. Its a nice and steady climb and for the first time I started to feel at least a little warm on that day as we were still riding in the fog.

At the end of the climb there is a tunnel that crosses over to the other side of the Jura range. At this point JaBig was pretty demotivated as it was a long and cold day. 

But then at the end of the tunnel there was more and more light and when you came out on the south side... felt like in another world! Sunshine about 10 degrees warmer and from that point forward all downhill. JaBig was full of energy again. We reached Basel after a 6.5 hour ride out in the cold.

Here comes a short video of the trip that starts as a black and white movie and ends colourful.


Comments & Questions

Nice looking ride. Is Jabig wearing some type of reflective patch on his pants to alert autos of his presence in the photo of him riding in fog outside of the tunnel?
Post #1 of 5. Posted by Bob on 21-Jan-2020 14:02:21 GMT in reply to blog [0<--20034]
Hi Bob, I am not 100 % sure but I am pretty sure this patch is integrated in the Rapha pants
Post #2 of 5. Posted by Andy Kessler on 22-Jan-2020 01:39:16 GMT in reply to post #1 [20034<--20038]
I need to get the small screws and part PDm02 $?asap , what’s the quickest way to do this
Post #3 of 5. Posted by Gary Lunsky on 27-Jan-2020 17:54:47 GMT in reply to blog [0<--20052]
Hi Gary the quickest in the US is to contact our dealer Pro Bike Supply in New Port Beach. Contact details are in the dealer locator.
Post #4 of 5. Posted by Andy Kessler on 28-Jan-2020 01:41:03 GMT in reply to post #3 [20052<--20053]
Nice scenic ride enjoyable ride with Open love my bike also
Post #5 of 5. Posted by Didi on 01-Feb-2020 03:31:46 GMT in reply to blog [0<--20065]