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Ekar complete bike color options

Gerard Vroomen - 15-Nov-2021
Since last week, we offer the UP, UPPER and WIDE complete bikes with Ekar. What's more, we offer them in every frame color for each of these frames, including RTP. Some have asked how this works, whether these frames have to be painted, who does this, etc. So let me explain.

For the standard colors, as long as the color is in stock in your size, you can order it, we assemble the bike and ship it. That includes new colors such as the UP in matte grey/signal red:

and the new brown WIDE (custom Ekar spec in the photo):

Of course it also includes the longstanding staples such as the blue or green UP and the orange or matte/gloss grey WIDE. Just check in the webstore to see which frame & color we have in stock in your size. Right now the selection is actually quite good but these days that changes rapidly.

Back to our topic, how does it work with RTP (ready-to-paint) frames. You have two options (and we will contact you to confirm once you've ordered):
  1. You leave the frame unpainted. Many of our customers love riding on an unpainted UP (you know, because our graphics are so over the top :-). There is no problem with this with regards to UV protection, although we do have to point out that a clear coat does protect better against superficial scratches and wear. In case you go for this option, everything else works the same, so we build up the bike and ship it your way.
  2. You want to have the frame custom-painted. In this case, you would receive the frame (or have it shipped to your chosen painter) and you receive all the parts in a parts kit box. Once the frame is painted, you arrange the assembly yourself. Please note that while we often arrange the custom painting for our customers, right now we and the custom paint shops we work with are so busy that we cannot do that. But there are still plenty of independent custom painters who are interested to work with you and of course we will gladly recommend some.
 I hope that clarifies it, so whether you want a standard color, an unpainted frame or a custom paint, all of these can be turned into a complete Ekar bike. If you have any remaining questions, just ask us below or through the contact form on the left.

Comments & Questions

I am very interested, but don’t find an example picture for unpainted frames to imagine how this would look like. And second question ist I would like to organize a purchase with bikelease if possible
Post #1 of 12. Posted by Hendrik on 16-Nov-2021 06:22:17 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24347]
Hi Henrik, if you go to the frames pages, you can find some pictures of the unpainted frames: https://opencyc...

basically they are matte black as there is a thin finish over the surface anyway to prepare them for paint.

If you have a bike leasing company you work with, you are more than welcome to. We do not have one we work directly with.
Post #2 of 12. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 16-Nov-2021 10:29:50 GMT in reply to post #1 [24347<--24349]
I have quickly uploaded some images of my RTP WI.DE in the wild. I added some stickers to brand it :) https://imgur.c...Cuqqf
Post #3 of 12. Posted by JaBig on 16-Nov-2021 12:18:29 GMT in reply to post #2 [24349<--24353]
Whats weight of complete gravel bike, is there any chance of getting zipp 303s on this bike? I have your 29er in a light bike, i love that bike.
Post #4 of 12. Posted by Craig on 23-Nov-2021 23:19:29 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24364]
Hi Craig,

It's 8.2kg for a Medium size. Regarding wheel options, Zipp 303 is not something we have in stock standard but anything can be arranged. We do usually stock ENVE AG25 gravel wheels, so that would be another option. I will send you an email.
Post #5 of 12. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 24-Nov-2021 06:04:59 GMT in reply to post #4 [24364<--24366]
Hi guys,
Is there anything to take into account when cleaning an unpainted RTP frame after a dirty ride? Can i use bike cleaner or bike protection spray/fabric after the wash?
Thanks in advance!
Post #6 of 12. Posted by Stephan on 29-Nov-2021 14:11:17 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24369]
Hi Stephan, no special requirements, just like you wouldn't use very aggressive products on paint you also wouldn't on the unfinished surface. You can use the standard sprays and cleaners.
Post #7 of 12. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 30-Nov-2021 02:55:56 GMT in reply to post #6 [24369<--24370]
Thanks a lot for the fast reply - super Service!!!!!
Post #8 of 12. Posted by Stephan on 02-Dec-2021 15:40:41 GMT in reply to post #7 [24370<--24374]
is it possible to paint my mat grey Open UP with glossy varnish colorless paint ?

greetings Gerhard
Post #9 of 12. Posted by Gerhard Heim on 28-Dec-2021 06:47:03 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24389]
Just directly paint that over the current matte clear coat? I don't think that will give you a nice result.
Post #12 of 12. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 10-Jan-2022 09:23:57 GMT in reply to post #9 [24389<--24399]
Would there be brown colour in UP model coming future ?
Post #10 of 12. Posted by Alfred on 09-Jan-2022 01:45:50 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24397]
Hi Alfred, no brown UP planned, we just released a run of the "other original UP color", the orange. For the original brown color it's just the WIDE.
Post #11 of 12. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 10-Jan-2022 09:23:03 GMT in reply to post #10 [24397<--24398]