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Cape Epic part 2 – Jeff the Epic Man

Andy Kessler - 29-Mar-2016
I did my first blog of the epic on the prologue day. Jeff our French OPEN ambassador won the prologue together with his riding partner Fanny in the mixed category. We were quiet excited about that, but we honestly did not even think about the fact that he could end up on the top of the podium again at the end of the race. Not because we did not believe in him, but for winning the Cape Epic you need more than to be just in perfect shape. Every day can change your race: bad weather, crash, stomach problems or just simple mechanical problems. 

Even more, for non-professional racers such as Jeff days become very long… you are not only racing but you need to take care of getting your bike to the bike wash, pre- or repairing it for the next day, organizing food finding  your tent and many more things that make your day a 12 to 16 hour day.

Jeff raced 7 Cape Epic before and we are very proud that he made his 7th Cape Epic- and his third on a OPEN- his most successful one.

Thanks for all Jeff, it is great to have you on one of our bikes.

Following a few impressions from the race:

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