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BOTM: OPENxENVE-U.P. - part 2

Andy Kessler - 17-Apr-2018
I know that I did not really make new friends in the last two days. Sorry to stay as neutral as possible (as a Swiss can be...) on sharing additional information for Monday's teaser video.

The design of this limited edition has been done by Jonny Hintze from ENVE. The inspiration for the colour scheme came from the mountains around Moab Southern Utah.

The set of that limited edition is consisting of:

OPEN NEW U.P. custom painted frameset.

ENVE custom painted stem, compact handlebar and seatpost.

BROOKS C13 saddle with custom anodised rivets 

ASS SAVER  custom painted front and rear fender 

The retail of this set is US$ 4320 (excluding tax) or EUR 4320 (including VAT)

Availability is first week of June 2018

The ENVE M525 wheels with custom stickers that you can see in this picture are optional and can be ordered directly from ENVE/through your ENVE dealer. For order reference it's called the OPENxENVE collaboration wheelset.

There are only 35 complete kits (excluding wheels) and we are thinking of making another 15 framesets only without the parts as we know this will be sold out in a couple of minutes.

Not every OPEN dealer will have access to that frame so if you are interested and you can not find it locally either go to our webshop or send us an email and we will guide you where to get it.

For those of you that will attend the Sea Otter Bike Festival you can see it live at the ENVE booth 563.

For all others check out the video for more details.

Just one thing to mention regarding the video and the pictures, the stem has a matte finish but in production it will be gloss same as the frame.

Comments & Questions

As always super cool. I am ENVEous for sure. ;-)
Post #1 of 7. Posted by Matt on 18-Apr-2018 12:57:45 GMT in reply to blog [0<--11680]
thanks for the flowers Matt...
Post #2 of 7. Posted by Andy Kessler on 18-Apr-2018 14:40:50 GMT in reply to post #1 [11680<--11685]
saweeeeeet... dang! Enve Garmin mount V2 is missing though.. ;-))
Post #3 of 7. Posted by youpmelone on 18-Apr-2018 16:04:00 GMT in reply to blog [0<--11686]
Didnt catch if it is a 1x or 2x
Post #4 of 7. Posted by Steve DakhlianSteve on 30-Apr-2018 12:35:35 GMT in reply to blog [0<--11728]
It's whatever you want it to be!
Post #7 of 7. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 16-May-2018 06:23:21 GMT in reply to post #4 [11728<--12746]
How can I get this custom paint frame with Enve wheelset and Shimano ultegra di2? I would like to buy the complete bike and not look for each part separately.
Best Regards
Post #5 of 7. Posted by Michel Allouche on 13-May-2018 15:12:46 GMT in reply to blog [0<--12741]
Hi Michel, all ENVE framesets are already sold out. You may be able to still find one at Contender Bicycle In Salt Lake City, UT since they bought several and they can also build it up exactly as you describe. They are also an ENVE retailer and can get the custom decals.
Post #6 of 7. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 16-May-2018 06:23:06 GMT in reply to post #5 [12741<--12745]