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Andy Kessler - 01-Mar-2022
"Never say never again" is the film title of Sean Connerys last James Bond movie. In 1971 Sean Connery declared that he will never play that role again. 12 years later he did it...

In January 2021 we launched a limited edition of our WI.DE. frame together with ENVE. Now one year later after many many people have asked us if they can not get one - the first one was sold out in a day - we did one more batch.

Same design, same frame, same ENVE adventure fork, the only difference is it will not be numbered in respect to the first edition.

And as with Sean Connery and the James Bond character, I am pretty sure thats gonna be our last one with ENVE... 3 stories is enough, 4 is an unlucky number so why should we do one more ?


Check out the complete bike pictures and film of the WI.DE. in action here.

Not all our OPEN partners might get one of those frames. If you can not find it locally, you can buy it on our webshop.



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Your understanding of the chronology of Bond movies is a bit lacking??
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