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BOTM: ONE MORE - part 1

Andy Kessler - 15-Nov-2016
There is one more built left  in the versatility trilogy of the ONE+ frame.

We had one  build with 29 wheels

We had three build’s with 27.5 wheels (two with plus wheels and one with "normal" 27.5 wheels on the small)

And to show you one more "official" possibility here comes the option available with 26+ wheels on our small ONE+ frame. As you might know playing around with wheels is an important part of our product philosophy and gives you a great range of use for a single bike. On the small ONE+ frame i have even seen builds with 29 /  2.1 tire in the front and 27.5 / 2.25 tire in the back that would be then an unofficial version, but according to Jeff our Cape Epic Mixed winner something that gave him the fastest time on his favorite downhills.

A while ago i thought about starting BOTM builds with as much as possible parts from one country. Part of the idea was also showing that there are many brands out there that people never heard about before. Living in Switzerland it was kind of logical that our first build was the Swiss ONE.

This BOTM we started to built a while ago and showed it during Eurobike at the WTB booth. Goal was to put as many as possible US parts on that bike. I know maybe not the perfect timing but as I am a neutral Swiss guy i thought that is still ok.

I already have an idea of "the Italian job" BOTM. If you are living in another country and have a great idea contact me by mail and send me your ideas.

Goal was to built a fun trail bike for smaller people. Not many options out there for that. Have a look at the pictures and judge yourself.

Comments & Questions

It would great to see a UK build. Aside from the forks and shifting, the bike could be UK finished with Hope, USE and Fabric parts. Just an idea!
Post #1 of 3. Posted by Trey Webb on 16-Nov-2016 13:36:51 GMT in reply to blog [0<--1182]
has anyone built one with a 29 up front and a 27.5 + in the rear?
Post #2 of 3. Posted by Rowan Edwards on 25-Nov-2016 23:59:22 GMT in reply to blog [0<--1237]
Yes, some people have. It works.
Post #3 of 3. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 29-Nov-2016 04:11:29 GMT in reply to post #2 [1237<--1241]