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BOTM: Gerard's own "Keep an OPEN MIN.D." - part 2

Gerard Vroomen - 19-Apr-2022
Last week I already gave you some insights in why I picked which parts. Just one thing on the tire choice. I picked the Schwalbe G-One Pro because we like it, it was available and the tan sidewalls nicely match the saddle and bartape. But also because it's a good match for the HED Emporia wheels. The Emporia carbon rim has a 26mm inner width, and HED recommends a minimum of 32mm for the tire so all good. 

In truth, this is a little aggressive when compared to some other recommendations, but for example ETRTO is notoriously conservative. Traditionally, ETRTO would recommend a rim no wider than 20mm for a 32mm tire. That of course is a bad recommendation, but it's "official". Updated ETRTO guidelines will likely show that 28-32mm tires all top out at 25mm inner rim width while a 35mm tire is "allowed" to go on a 26mm rim. Also that doesn't make a ton of sense; if a 28mm tire can fit well on a 25mm rim, then why couldn't a 32mm tire fit on a 26mm rim? But it's a lot better than it was.

Anyway, the 32mm Schwalbe tire actually measures 34.2mm on the HED rim and has a very nice shape together. Even more importantly, it rides like a dream and fits nicely inside the frame and fork with 5-6mm clearance all around (which is more than you need for a road bike really, so you could go a little bigger even). But remember that there are production variations too, so if you get your own G-One Pro tire on the same width rim, it may shape up a bit differently.

As you can see, the whole build is focussed on comfort and long-distance riding, not on making some ultralight bike. But still it came out lighter than I expected, at 7.4kg with the XL frame. I can't think of anything I would change on this setup.

model Gerard's own "Keep an OPEN MIN.D."
size XL
frame MIN.D. (optional 1x version)
headset Cane Creek Custom
fork OPEN R-Turn
stem  3T Apto  120mm
handlebar 3T Rotundo 40cm (hood-to-hood) (old stock)
handlebar grip Brooks Microfiber bar tape Honey (Leather would be nice too but Microfiber is easier to source) 
seatpost Open integrated
saddle Brooks B15 Swallow Honey (since 1937)
brakes Campagnolo Ekar, 160 f&r
shifters Campagnolo Ekar
crank  Campagnolo Ekar
BB Campagnolo Ekar
chainrings Campagnolo Ekar 38T
rear derailleur Camagnolo Ekar
cassette Campagnolo Ekar 9-36T
chain Campagnolo Ekar
wheel HED Emporia GC3 Pro
tire Schwalbe Pro One 32mm - actual WAM (Width As Measured) = 34.2mm
tire sealant Muc-Off tubeless sealant
bottle cages Elite Cannibale XC (not in the photos)
weight 7.4kg (no pedals but with a 500g saddle)

Comments & Questions

Hello OPEN, good morning.
We are a small bike store in Seixal, Setúbal Region, Portugal.
We are Trek, Kona and Megamo dealers.
We have a good client willing to buy a OPEN WI.DE bike.
Is there any possibility of our company buy only 1 bike from you at retail price in order to serve our client ourselves?

Kind regards,

Tiago Silva, from Ciclobaía
Post #1 of 2. Posted by Tiago Silva on 21-Apr-2022 08:05:14 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24522]
Hi Tiago, best to contact us through the CONTACT form on the left of this page, then you're immediately in touch with the right people. I know you don't need to become a dealer, but just choose "become an OPEN dealer" as the topic and you'll be served.
Post #2 of 2. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 21-Apr-2022 09:01:13 GMT in reply to post #1 [24522<--24523]