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BOTM: Brown was down but now is U.P. - part 1

Gerard Vroomen - 20-Mar-2016
When we launched the U.P., we asked all of you to vote on the color: orange or brown. Nobody ever gave brown much of a chance, and indeed orange won by a couple of bike lengths, but still, the number of votes for brown was significant. And maybe more importantly for the future of brown at OPEN, one of those votes was mine :-)

And so we introduce the limited edition brown U.P. for all those who voted brown and can't imagine riding anything orange. Same frame, same fork, same price, different color. Available by the end of this month and as long as supplies last. To get yours, start freaking out now and contact your retailer directly or contact Andy if you're not sure where to get yours.

The bike shown here is built with HED components, but please don't confuse this bike with the Steve Hed special edition that some of you may have heard of. That one will come later.

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